Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Video Blog # 44: The Garden of Eden

Here is a video of the local swimmin hole, the "Garden of Eden". This is a cool place to hang out on a hot day.

This video was produced for, the #1 source for tourist information for the Santa Cruz mountains.

Download: Mov


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Every Student
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Danish Cartoons
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Muhammad or Jesus???
Answering Islam
Is Jesus God?
A Short Look At Six World Religions
God's Word in different languages...
How to become a Christian
Who Is Jesus?
See The Word
Watch The Jesus Movie
Spanish Cartoons
German Cartoons
Chinese Cartoons
Italian Cartoons
Greek Cartoons
Japanese Cartoons
Portuguese Cartoons
French Cartoons
Hindi Cartoons
Russian Cartoons
'Thought & Humor'

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Whoa! Religous spam!

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Hehe... No Diving, No Spamming! Oops, graffiti artists already struck... but still not as bad as the good Dr.

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