Saturday, October 07, 2006

Video Blog #43: Interview with Ryanne Hodson and Jay Deadman

Here is a conversation/interview I had with Ryanne Hodson from Ryanne is hungry and Jay Deadman from have money will vlog. In this conversation we talk about Jay and Ryann and their history with vlogging and their future with vlogging. We also talk a bit about Scoble Show, Rocketboom , the Yahoo Videoblogging group and more.

Like all good interviewers, I blab on and on about myself, and Jay and Ryann can't hardly get a word in edgewise. Hey, it is the new web 2.0 style of interviews, it is a two way conversation instead of just one-way.

Download: Wmv



GabeB said...

Greg, I enjoyed this conversation! Like you said it's the new web2.0 style interview's a typical vlog. No attachments towards traditional media or any TV interview format. I like.

The Faux Press said...

I was at off-the-grid, too: chief cook & bottlewasher / token poet :)

Geek Eyes Movie

Montana Moon

Off-the-Grid Tech Report

Greg said...

Hi Jan.

Thanks for the links! I knew there should have been more video from that trip. Thanks for sharing!

french/new/wave/nerd said...

always nice to know that your personal heroes are so palpable.


Mike said...

Great post - I really enjoyed it :)