Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Video Blog # 49: The Vloggies Ceremony

Here is all the rest of my footage of the Vloggies! This is the actual awards ceremony for all you that are interested. This is a very long video as it clocks in at 30 minutes.

Download: Mov Wmv

Sunday, November 12, 2006

Video Blog # 48: Surfers at the Point

Here is a video blog post of some footage I took on Saturday. It is the first time I tried a larger format, so download the wmv file if you want for the best viewing expierence.

The music you hear is me! Well, it is me singing, Aric on drums, Angel on guitar and I am not sure who is playing the keyboards. It could be me, but I don't remember. You can check out all my songs on-line at feltonjamhouse.com

Download: WMV: MOV

Monday, November 06, 2006

Video Blog # 47: The Vloggies after party

Here is some footage from the Vloggies after party. I had wanted to meet Paul Knight from pjkproductions, so I went and introduced myself. We had talked via e-mail before, but it was great to finally get to meet him and shake his hand.

I also "interview" Casey McKinnon from galacticast.com She notices my duckie that I had in support of ZeFrank. It is fun to watch her try to be accommodating to an unknown videoblogger, when all she wants to do is bail out of the situation. Funny stuff!

Download: WMV, MOV

Sunday, November 05, 2006

Video Blog # 46: The Vloggies!

Last night was the first ever video blog awards show, called the Vloggies. Anji and I headed up to the Swedish American Music Hall in San Francisco to see the show. It was really fun and totally cool and weird too boot. There was an after party too, that was really fun and I got to talk to a few videoblogger, but we could not stay too long as we had to get back to the little one at home.

In the video, I wonder if anyone recognizes me, I found out someone did. Bill Streeter, from Lo-fi St Louis. He watches Greg's Video Blog and actually likes it! That is really cool! Go check out Lo-Fi St Louis!

Download: WMV