Sunday, July 30, 2006

Video Blog #27: Why I got my Veggie Car

Tejas Patel wrote a post about my veggie car. He wanted to know what made me decide to convert the car to run on waste vegetable oil.

I have answered him by trying to imitate ZeFrank

I don't know if you have seen "The Show" by ZeFrank, but it is very funny. That guy has dedication and talent.

Here is my attempt to imitate ZeFrank.

Download: MOV

Links: Ze Frank Bush info IT Digest



Tejas Patel said...

Fair enough Greg. Your reasons are good enough to pursue this :).

I found the video very funny too and was laughing out loud :)

Carl Weaver said...

So where do you get the veggie oil? Restaurants? How much does it cost? What about efficiency (miles per gallon)? This is essentially a diesel engine, right?

Exciting stuff!

Greg said...

Hi Carl.

Yes, I get my veggie oil for FREE from resturants. The whole thing cost $3,000... $1,500 for the car, $700 for the parts and $800 for the labor.

The MPG is the same... About 25 miles to the gallon.

This is a regular diesel engine that has no modification of the engine. Just run a second fuel line and get the veggie oil hot and you are ready to go!

The Mercedes 300d, 80-85 is the best car for the conversion. This is because of the Bosh fuel injector. The Bosh injectors for those years does really good with the veggie oil. That is why those years are the best for conversion.