Saturday, July 15, 2006

Video Blog #21: Replaceing my veggie car filter

Here is a video that shows me replacing the filter element on my veggie car. This is pretty much the only kind of maintenance that you have to do on a veggie car. My veggie car is still running great on free WVO (Waste Vegetable Oil)!

Download: MOV


5 comments: said...

Nice job Greg. It is good to see how your filter changes out compared to my Davco.

Keep on greasin'!

Carl Weaver said...

This is so cool! said...

Hey Greg I just had a couple questions:

1)Where do you get a filter for the WOV

2)How do you think i can get this to work on a school bus?

Please reply to


Greg said...

I got my filter on ebay, but you can get a good filter assembly called the vormax at

Ptown said...

Nice job greg.