Friday, August 11, 2006

Video Blog #32: Chaos Lounge performs!

We went to a party last week and brought some instruments: the drum set, three amps, a guitar, mic stand and the mic. We were just going to have an informal jam session but at the last minute, Krissy talked all the girls into doing a Chaos Lounge one-song set! It had been a year since most all the girls had played, but they pulled it off and sounded great! Since you visit my vlog all the time, you of course know the pregnant girl who is singing is Anji, my wife. The baby is due in like 17 days! Whoot!

This video is the first one I filmed with the new video camera, and it is filmed in 16x9 wide screen. However, the video hosting place only posts in 4x3 standard, so the video is a bit squashed. Also, the .mov is a bit squashed for the download, so you folks that are on iTunes get the squished version. However, if you have subscribed in iTunes, you won't read this anyway.

For the killer wide screen, large size, download the .WMV

Download: MOV WMV


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