Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Video Blog #15: Bigfoot Discovery Museum Meeting part 2

Mike tells us about another Bigfoot encounter from the Pajaro area that he heard from someone that came into the museum.

Links: Bigfoot Discovery Project

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Paul Knight said...

Right you can't get itunes to pick up your feed for videos. you need to link each post to a .mov or .MP4 file stored online somewhere, say for instance or the What you have is an autoplay of your video that's good, nicely embedded, but your link to the mov is actually on a revver page, not the actual file. I am unsure wheather Revver has a facility to link to the file or not, the easiest method is to give blip a try, upload to them and then link the permalink in the share option, that will do the itunes thing, hope this helps.